I’ve been on this earth for almost 27 years. That’s 29,565 meals and yet my husband and I still bicker everyday about what to make for dinner. The chances of tacos for dinner for the second time this week is slightly higher than I’d like to admit, but if I wasn’t being honest then I wouldn’t be able to hear literally everyone else admit they’ve done the same thing.

In these 26 years I’ve managed to receive a masters degree, travel the world, marry my best friend, and build our white picket fence lined dream home…Ha! Okay okay, only one of those things is true and I’ll spare you the time and effort of trying to figure out which one it was. The truth being, I did manage to marry my best friend, but our white picket fence is a little crooked in some spots and boards that need to be replaced in other spots, but whose isn’t? Add a little TLC and she’s good as new for the time being. That is, until life hits again. I’ve deemed my husband the next Chip Gaines. At least in my eyes he is, because no matter what house project I throw his way, he figures it out. He knows that if he’s stuck though, that my dad is on speed dial. “I bet my dad knows. Let me call him” will be my last words if my husband hears me say it one more time.

If I had to label my life as a caption, I think it would read “Master of life’s trials and errors”.

  1. Started college- CHECK
  2. Quit college- CHECK
  3. Started college again- CHECK
  4. Dated a bag of sh*t- CHECK
  5. Moved cross country-CHECK
  6. Moved back home-CHECK
  7. Got married and had kids- CHECK
  8. Try my best everyday to raise angels and not a**holes- CHECK

You get the point, right? If there’s one thing I learned from all of this nonsense, it’s that I now have a ridiculous amount of life experience for my age. You know what life experience brings? Knowledge and wisdom. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve had a couple different old folks tell me I’m wise. TOOT TOOT. My life pains and heart aches have made me appear wise. Yes, that’s right. That means that your heart aches and life pains have also brought you wisdom. Now isn’t that something? All those terrible mistakes that we still beat ourselves up about have paid off.

I’m hoping that my life’s trials and errors will be able to help you with yours. And if they don’t, I’m hoping to at least bring a little light to your day with a small laugh or two.

-xoxo Courtney